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Twitter amplify sponsorship setup a complete guide ever

Twitter amplify sponsorship setuptwitter have launched the amplify  2015 twitter is a good social media for generating profit. However, twitter have minimum requirements before you gain access to the program. Twitter amplify sponsorship is a platform for publishers both with creators, that help them to get the most if their contents. But what you need to know about twitter, is had to gain access to the amplify sponsorship. Twitter will only approve a user with their partner manager. In other to get access to the platform you need to find twitter partner manager. Twitter have change everything you know about twitter before it’s not same again. But don’t worry since you’re probably here I will be more likely to share my plan with you. Download our online setup guide here. With twitter you can make some cent of money. But what people they don’t know about the platform, twitter have business account with personal account. If you don’t know how to create business account then get the eBook hare. Twitter amplify sponsorship setup No problem we all dive deep about some recommendetion. Today I will show you what I did and it really helped me. In other to make money with twitter you need a business account and I will show you how to do that just in a couple of minutes. Let dive in about your question Twitter amplify sponsorship setup.

Twitter amplify sponsorship setup how to create twitter business account?

To create twitter business account is not different with personal account. But what you need to do while creating your accounts. Is design the way you design you profile the way you participate in Twitter amplify sponsorship program. Design a responsive profile learn more

Monetization requirements

Here is what your need to get to gain access to the Twitter amplify sponsorship setup.

1. Tweet regularly

2. Post safe content

3. Your account will be verified

4. Twitter partner manager

5 make sure you have live URL

Once you have these you can get more information at you can also read more