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The best wordpress plugin: for insight page speed

Best WordPress plugin for insight page speed.

If you’re more likely to know about WordPress plugin you’re in the right place. WordPress is the most popular website builders in the world and is simple to use WordPress than the other website providers. Today we are going to show you which WordPress plugin is best for insight page speed. So that you can move your website to another level. If your page takes more time to load after you have installed this plugin your website will load correctly. However some website builders is had to speed up you website. But if you come about WordPress is pretty easy. No need to add any script to speed up your pages just a little clicks then your page would load correctly. What to do is just to installed the plugin then the script would be automatically added to your website. This plugin offer 91% of seo to your website. And is very useful to install it if you’re wandering to move together with your competitor’s. Because is very painful if your page doesn’t have page speed. This is a matter of concern. Because is a top 10 issue of hurting your seo. You can’t rank any more on search engine. You need to speed up your pages, so that you can optimize your website. Now is a time to find out the solution to fix this issue. If you doesn’t know how to install a WordPress plugin we are going to explain it for you briefly. We are going to find out how to install a WordPress plugin and activate it.

How to install a WordPress plugin.

To install WordPress plugin is pretty easy. So we’re going to show how to install WordPress plugin and activate it.

Get started.

1. Mouse over the column of the main menu and navigate it

How- install-a-wordpress-plugin

Then you all need to to add new then click on the add new. You will be automatically taken to the WordPress plugin wizard.

You have two option to install the plugin whether by search or manually. We all show you both. But I recommend you to use the search option is easy.

Let start with search. If you choose to search the search button was there you all need to enter the plugin name, it would automatically show you related keyword that match your query. Since you have seen the plugin that’s suitable for you then click in the install button.and wait at list 1 minute it would be automatically added to your installed plugins. You need to activate it. Then go to you installed plugins then activate it done. Let see how to install it manually.

However to install a WordPress plugin manually is a traditional method. But we are going to show you how to install it. Is almost the same but this is harder than search. However you all need to check all the WordPress plugin till you see the one that you’re more likely to install.

The best WordPress plugin

Here is the most valuable plugin for insight page speed. Is site kit by Google. The plugin have a massive performance. Is not only page speed only you can use for many things.

Suchlike to connect your site to Google AdSense, tag manager, Google analysis, search console, optimization etc. I recommend you to test the filling