Osun election result to day

To day we have see some changes for this our community. To day reports is different with yesterday. After the reports forum have being in suspect. But they suppose to analyst the reports but because is one issue course it. To day reportsIt will take time before to analyst but keep reading I know you Will not miss. You  are not a loser. As you see in the picture bellow some box the are looking at it but they no see it. That is why the reports going to be different for the to analyze. But AFter  they give us chance to analyze. APC have 19k voters but still elections it was been pending. And PDP have 18.4k voters. Suspecting APC have hide some result from PDP. But they’re still doing investigation for this issue. The have bring some Ideas of election now when you voter for your favorite one they would now, exchange it. Because people there, the have pay them. But APC did not agree with the election their saying whether they would bring their hiding average amount of the voted slip, or they will cancel the election to refresh it. That is the main point that is causing problems such of this elections now, in nigeria nothing to say. Nigeria will never change yet. This is the country that corruptions is been taking palace. The president supposes to do some thing. Right now in other to made this country success. The work and the responsibility is now remain for our president. The case of this country named Nigeria. Or God judge the matherfuckers. Since this country refused to do the greater job, basically is not government fault. This fault is from our community, may be they pay him just 50k to handle everything to APC, he will do it. You see and he suppose to do the best, and he will not. As you all see the box are three but later in the evening, is only two would remain. He have took one, to replace it to the money that he have taken. That is why Nigeria will not develop, since the good rules have take place, we all need to stand strong with our power, to do this war. Let we stant to fight against, corruption. Since our President have appeared to cheat the community, let we stand and drag him out. So this problem now with this election they’re still doing investigation. What to if you don’t wants to lose the update just comment.

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