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  1. Health care delivery team that would quickly respond to to the reported cases of meningitis, just as a drugs had been procured and distributed to major health facilities. In plateau state,w source close to the general hospital in shendam local government revealed that 14 case were recorded in the council area while the remaining 16 were discovered in tunkus in mikang local government adding that majority of those in admission had been treated and discharge accordingly.
  2. The state commissioner of health, Dr kunden Deyin, who said only three people are prently in plateau state specialists hospital, added that few cases recorded in the month of March had Been treated and discharge. A national policy meningitis in the state now stipulates that before any cases is confirmed as being that of the meningitis, a blood sample or cerebrospinal fluid must have been diagnosed at a government approved medical laboratory. For now, kwara state also appears to be safe as no cases of the disease has been reported in the state since it’s outbreak in other part of the country. However, they did not rule out possibility of the disease in the area, considering self medication said to be prevalent among some residents. The health experts thus, advice people to report cases of the disease to hospital when noticed. The kwara state commissioner for health, mr sulaiman alage,said that the state is prepared in case there is an outbreak if meningitis. “We have also started sensitisations to alart our people to create avenue in the homes to get fresh air and caution them need for prompt response by contacting the ministry if the notice any sign of the disease, ” alage said.
  3. Even Lagos, osun and Oyo state

  4. Believe to be northern disease, that impression has permanently changed as recent report hat it that it had spread to the south west with outbreak recorded in Lagos, Oyo and osun state. The csm ravaging people this time around is different strain from from the one the government had been preparing hard to prevent from break this time of the year as it regularly did.but that the spedemic has broken out in the south West has not surprised Dr adeyefa. He said the erreous believe that meningitis only occur in the north was because many believe that the region is  the hottest part of Nigeria. “Meningitics break out anywhere the weather is hot. These days, most state, even in the west have been experiencing a very hot weather, so we should expect this to be a regular outbreak from now to unless urgent attention is paid to healthy living in hot weather. The escalating drought and influx of refugees from endemic and ensurgence areas has not helped. ” Meningitis if from monococi bacteria and can be transfered through breathing airs. It course febrile illness and neck stiffness. However, it is no true that one can be infected through handshakes. Now that we have seen a huge shift in the movement of people from the North now be expected because any those travelling from north to south could be latent carriers of the bacteria. “Check the houses where the epidemic was reported in Lagos and osun state. It’s not ideal that 8 to 12 person should cramp themselves in a room, especially where there is no ventilation. It true that we never heard of meningitis in this area in the past, but we never had more people sleep in a room than now. Close and prolonged contact such as coughing, sharing eating or drinking utensils, kissing, sneezing also facilitates the spread.

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