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netflix jobs We’re all guilty of losing a couple—or 10—hours to Netflix. But if you’d like to get paid for the time you spend with the streaming behemoth, then you’re in the right place—because this guide is about how to get a job with what it says is “the world’s leading internet entertainment service.” 

According to its Glassdoor profile, Netflix boasts more than 125 memberships in 190 countries. And while its job offerings aren’t quite that large, there’s plenty of opportunity at the company: There, you can work in financial, technical, design, engineering, managerial, research, analytics, production, administrative, marketing, and communications roles—plus a bevy of others to boot. 

There are other reasons to want to land a job at Netflix, too: The company receives a 3.9 overall rating by Glassdoor reviewers—and its CEO, Reed Hastings, has a 90 percent approval rating. 

So, get your resume ready: Here, we’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know before you apply to Netflix, from how to wow recruiters to the interview questions you might be asked. 

Applying to a Job at Netflix

netfilix jobs You’re in the right place to find a job at Netflix. Navigate to its Glassdoor profile, where you can see an up-to-date list of the open jobs at the company. When you find one for which you’d like to apply, click the “Apply Now” button on the listing page to be taken to Netflix’s career website. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to view specific application instructions for that exact position. 

You’ll have the option to upload a resume with your application. (And if you want, you can also share your LinkedIn profile with the company—so make sure it’s fully filled out and accurate!)

Want to make sure you’re dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s? We’re here to help:

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Resume & Cover Letter Tips for Netflix

You’ll want to show Netflix you’re the right match for them—and one way you can do that is to match the keywords in your resume and cover letter to the keywords in the job listing for which you’re applying. For example, we saw that a “systems engineer” job listing for Netflix used the word “support”10 times—so, your resume and cover letter would need to have “support” in it. 

When you sit down to edit your resume and write your cover letter, take a moment to read the job description thoroughly and write down the keywords that stand out to you or that you see used often. You’ll want to find ways to work as many of these keywords into your documents as possible, because different keywords might appeal to different recruiters and hiring managers. 

In your cover letter, don’t forget to mention why you would be a fit at Netflix and in its company culture. “We value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration,” Netflix writes on its website, and these are all skills and personality traits that you could show off on a cover letter.

Resume & Cover Letter Tips for Netflix

Talking to a Netflix Recruiter

Your first contact from Netflix might be a recruiter. And first impressions are very important. 

First things first: Just because you got your foot in the door using keywords doesn’t mean you should go overboard using them with a recruiter. You can and should use keywords as you talk, but “don’t try to look smarter than you really are,” Omer Molad, CEO and founder of Vervoe, told Glassdoor. Instead, you want to come off as authentic and get a feel for the “real” you. 

You should also use the time with a recruiter to your advantage. Ask questions such as, “Who is the ideal candidate for this job?” and “What is the hardest part about filling this job?” Not only will the answers help you perform better in future interviews, but you’ll show the recruiter that you have a genuine interest in learning about the job, the company, and how to be successful. 

Talking to a Netflix Recruiter

Netflix Interview Questions

In an interview, you’ll be asked a series of questions, and they’ll differ depending on the job for which you’re applying. Here, however, are questions Glassdoor users said they were asked

  1. Why do you want to work at Netflix?
  2. Tell us a time you developed a system or changed something?
  3. How do you stay organized?
  4. Tell us about a time you had to manage a project from the ground up?
  5. When was a time you noticed someone doing something wrong and how did you correct them?

These questions seem to indicate a behavior-based interview style, which is a type of interview that aims to get to the root of how you’re performed and would perform in the future. You can learn more about behavior interviews—and how to ace them—by reading this Glassdoor guide.

Netflix Interview Questions

Netflix Skills Tests & Assessments

Netflix doesn’t post information on its website about the specific tests it asks job candidates to take. But Glassdoor users have mentioned questions that may hint to specific assessments. For example, people who have applied to technical, design, or engineering roles have been asked questions about coding, tables, and more. A software engineer writes that he was asked questions about algorithms, hash tables, and “Fibonacci numbers,” while another reports that he was asked about “scripting and SQL skills” during a series of interviews. 

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Salary Negotiation at Netflix

Here’s the good news: According to one Glassdoor reviewer, “Netflix believes in paying you a high salary so that you can decide for yourself what ‘perks’ are important.” And Netflix offers unlimited vacation time, which makes its in-house perks very appealing. Nonetheless, you may still want to try to negotiate your salary at Netflix, or some of your other non-vacation benefits. 

In order to negotiate your salary, you’ll need to know what you’re worth—in other words, what a competitive salary is for the job and location you’re interested in, at Netflix and its competitors. Luckily, Glassdoor makes it easy for you to find out what you’re worth: Using its Know Your Worth tool, you can get a custom (and totally private) salary estimate based on your title, company, location, and experience. You can also view salaries reported by Glassdoor users who have worked at Netflix to determine what you’re worth. Use that figure to try negotiate a salary.  Netflix jobs

If you can’t get a hiring manager to agree to a higher salary, then you may way to try to negotiate benefits, which might include bonuses, remote work opportunities, stock options, and more. netflix jobs

When in doubt, use our Salary Negotiation Scripts For Any Job to guide you through the back and forth. Netflix jobs