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Nairobi market fire – nairobi news update

The market set on fire early. But when fire service try to stop it, it doesn’t work see how fire service try do their best

Fire service in Nairobi market when the marked set on fire

The fire service company fill twenty five truck’s to go turn the fire off. But no chance, however the fire have catch so better see how the marked was set on fire

An estimated 10,000 traders in Nairobi’s open-air Gikomba Market on Tuesday lost goods worth millions of shillings after an early morning fire burnt hundreds of business premises, including a local Family Bank branch.

Some of the traders managed to save part of their stock, but a huge part of the goods kept in stores at night were consumed by the inferno.

The market is divided into 15 sections hosting about 1,000 traders each. Ten sections were affected meaning more than three quarters of the market was destroyed.

Boniface Muigai, who chairs the traders’ association in the Gorofani section, said between 60 and 70 per cent of the market had been reduced to ashes, putting the livelihoods of 10,000 traders in the balance.

The damage caused by the fire goes beyond the face value of the goods destroyed because many of the traders had secured loans to finance their businesses and must continue making the repayments as agreed with the lenders.