How to track my lose android phone —

How to track My lose android phone

To track your lose mobile device is pretty easy. I can’t never forget my lose android phone. But before the phone have a little problem, I can’t use it to upload video anymore. That’s why but I track it, I received a result showing me that the phone is at Bangladesh, how ever I when there to visit my friend. Then in my way of coming back the phone full down. Before I noticed that the phone is not with me the taxi man have left. At the end I used my Apple phone call the number, the taxi man didn’t picked my call. I When house i used my computer I track the phone it show up the phone is at Bangladesh, but the fault here the location is not staying at one place. Then for evening the taxi man used his own phone phone called me back, I didn’t picked the call. Second time again I picked the call he told me that he sow this phone inside his car. But he want to return it back to his customer. I said OK with for me there am coming very soon. I used my apple phone Track him.

Let us look over your question how to track my lose android phone.

To track your lose android phone you must use google account to track your lose mobile device. But you can used google only when you have used the device access you accounts. Have you ever use the phone to login to your google account?.

If so you may need to sign in to your google account with another device. After you have successfully login to your account. Then mouse to your profile picture, then manage my accounts. When you have redirected to your dashboard. Then mouse over the security setting. There you will all your accounts activities. You will see the phones that you have used. Then chose the lose device then click find my device. Wait for a couple minutes you be taken to the location. Note you can track your device only when the location is on.

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