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How to send money with paypal in nigeria

send money with paypal is pretty easy and secured. You can return your found back within the days mantioned for you. That’s what makes millions of people their more likely to use PayPal as their online banking. Whether you have business account or personal account I will dive in. And I will also show you how to setup your account if you’re located in Nigeria. However, I have read a lot of content saying that you can’t use PayPal if you doesn’t own shop you will not be participated in. All that my brothers and sisters is a scams. Don’t worry today I will show you how to withdraw money with your PayPal account. Now we’ll dive in, in a few recommendations.

How to send money with PayPal

Yes i will show you how, since you’re probably here no problem since many users attempt to be scamming to their readers. To send money with PayPal you need to be clearly sure you have person email that he/she that is linked to the PayPal you don’t know that? asks the person you want to transfer money to. Once you have the email then log in to your PayPal account click the box Link at the top right hand. Then click send money enter the email that you want to send money to if prompted then enter amount then send. You have successfully send money to your friends. Let take a look how to withdraw money with PayPal.

How to withdraw money with PayPal

To withdraw money with PayPal login to your PayPal account. After you have logged in to your account then go to your PayPal found balance from there you will see link withdraw then click it. Note your withdrawal will take 2/3 business day before it will proceed. That is all with paypal what had again? If you have any problem feel free to comments here with your queries, as soon as possible you will here back from me.