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How to manage multiple social account for a beginners

manage multiple social accountiIf you’re posting more than one  social media account is not a little tasks. And it a had work for you, don’t worry about how to manage multiple social media account this strategy will show you how to do that in a little time. Nobody is posting to his social media account again unless to use the social media auto post direct to your account. To do that is very simple. But the down side is that all tools are not free to use. But some offer free trial to their user. however, if you signup for free trial you can’t use it to share content to your all social account once. But you can sign up for free trial to test how it work then after your trial is finished you can upgrade to pro. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience about the tools this strategy will show you the best tools to manage multiple social media account. Most especially if you’re posting to more than one Facebook page account. Is a good idea to use the social media auto post tools to schedule your work. What you need to do is to sign up to the following tools and register with them and start posting to your account, once you shared a post it will be automatically shared to the pages you selected. You can also download this eBook will help you about the setup, download now. Is for free and it content full guide about how to setup auto post to your social media account. We are about to dive in.



With buffer you can schedule your post just in a little time. Buffer also provide free trial to their user, you can use Free to test the platform. When ever you’re interested with platform you can upgrade or downgrade. Buffer have massive performance about manage multiple social account.

Can I use buffer free trial to
manage multiple social account?

Yes you can use buffer free trial to manage multiple social account. Note you can only use buffer free trial to connect two Facebook pages one Twitter account plus one Instagram. But you can’t use free trial to connect penterest.

How to connect buffer with your social media account.

To connect buffer to your social media account you new to create an account with buffer. To create account with buffer visite the buffer website and register with them.once your account is ready then click on the social media account link select the account you want use with buffer. Then authorize buffer to assist your accint. After you authorized buffer to your accounts, next thing to do is to select which page you want buffer post to be schedule in. After page is selected you have successful connected buffer to your accounts. Then you can schedule your post from buffer to the accounts you connected. I can show you how to create post with buffer but you need to subscribe. To subscribe scroll down and subscribe and get the latest updates to your inbox direct. Good bye!!