How to install a wordpress plugin a complate guide

If you don’t know how to install WordPress plugin on your website this strategy will show you how to do that in a couple minutes. When talking about WordPress, WordPress is a good website builder platform that enable a begin to create and manage their websites without any coding skills. That’s all what makes millions of users prefer to use WordPress as their websites builder platform. Most especially if you’re just getting started, with WordPress  you can create a effective content that will boost your seo just with a little clicks. If your doubting try the WordPress platform then you will know how helpful with it. If you are doubting manually try it and see what experience with WordPress. Don’t worry we’ll dive in about the WordPress plugin installation. I just want you to know if you’re not using WordPress yet and you’re currently doubting which platform you will prefer to, I recommend you to give a try with WordPress. Almost all web hosting have WordPress installation software to their hosting. So if you’re just thinking about purchasing a website with hosting both with domain, all that you’re  just stressing your self. What I all recommend you to do is to purchase a domain with hosting saver. Once you have that you can install a WordPress and manage it like a complete website you purchased. When you do that as you can see, you reduced your spending limits for subscription. Currently you can do what on you mind. Since you asked about how to install WordPress plugin I will show you has to do that. Let dive in.

How to install WordPress plugin from admin dashboard

To install WordPress plugin from admin dashboard you need to login to your WordPress site. After you have  successful logged in then navigate on the main menu, scroll down a little then you will see a link named plugin then click it. Once you have clicked the link a pop-up will appear In the down side of the link you clicked. Then select add new. Once you clicked on the add new button you will be automatically taken to the plugin market place. If you can’t see the plugin that you’re probably looking for then make a search query. Inter the name of the plugin that you’re probably looking for then click search. Once you have seen the plugin then click install plugin the plugin will install to your WordPress site. Note, the plugin will not take effect once is install until you activated. If you don’t know how to activate the plugin I will show.

How to activate a WordPress plugin

To activate a WordPress plugin you need to go to your WordPress admin dashboard then mouse over the plugin click installed plugin you will be taken were your installed plugin are. Then you need to find out the inactive plugin to activate. Once you have seen the plugin you want to activate then click on the activate button within the plugin.

How to manually install WordPress plugin from zip

Yes you can install WordPress plugin manually if you have the zip code. Don’t think it had zip code mean a downloaded plugin that you can upload it like file from your computer. Once you have the downloaded plugin then go to your plugin dashboard click add new button, you will be directed were you will be asked to upload the zip code. Then click the add file button, as usual when uploading file. Once you have uploaded then you need to install it. Then click on the install button. Once the plugin have successfully uploaded then you need to activate it. That’s how WordPress platform was pretty easy to manage.

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