How to get more twitter followers for free no charges

get more twitter followersGet more  Twitter follower is not a little tasks most especially if you’re just getting started with twitters platform. It will be had for you to gain more followers. As you all know if you’re getting started with twitter, twitter will not allow your post to reach your audience until you pay. Did you want to pay to get more followers? If so you need to pay twitter and get more followers on your twitter handle that you’re probably managing. Twitter is the most valuable across  the globe. However, twitter have  157.15ms active user why not you can’t use twitter. As you all know Facebook is most effective platform in the globe, so if you need more followers on your twitter handle then use Facebook to find out a solution. If you don’t know how, don’t worry I will tell you how to do that in a couple and short periods of time. We’ re going to break down the two options paid with unpaid which one will you prefer to? Free vision Rights?  OK let dive in.

How to get more twitter followers

1. Twitter ads

2. Facebook


1.Twitter ads

Yes with twitter ads you can get more followers on your twitter handle but the downside is that you must pay. If you Doesnt pay you can’t run ad. If you don’t know how to promote your twitter handle account these strategy will guide you step by step guide. But what I will be more Likely to inform you that before you start to proceed you need to know whether you’re eligible or not. Once you’re seen that you’re eligible to participate then go to twitter ads website once you’re there you need to setup your ad then click on the create campaign button fill your campaign objective when finished and submit. That’s how twitter ads work.

2. Facebook

Let take a look how to get more followers with Facebook? Yes you can get more followers with Facebook and is very simply. Did you want to know how to get more traffic to your twitter handle? If so no problem. Facebook is the best way to boost your twitter handle followers of course. Let dive in. If your a small business owner you need to build a strong relationship with your followers once you have earned their trust then feel free to share your twitter link with the. But keep in mind that can only work if you have their interest and good relationship with them, then tell them to join you on twitter. That’s all how is it.

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