How to fix google adsense you already have account

You’re so welcome. This strategy would show you how to fix Google AdSense, you already have accounts, close one, we only allow one per person. Well you have applied for Google AdSense, you received an error email. Unfortunately this thread is so bad. That’s the issues, most publishers their facing. The facilities to fix Google AdSense multiple accounts is pretty easy. Let me share this secret with you. When you try it, I know your account would Be successful closed. Because I face this problem, with my friends too. But when you try this secret, is working than charm. Some time if you have applied for Google AdSense, and you received this email, that mean google they are seeing the same IP, That look like is belong to you. However that mean the accounts is disapproval account. The time I face this problem I fill like am crazy, like dog that is beating his tail. I keep contacting the Google AdSense support, but my issues did not solve. By that I recommended to leave my websites, but after I reason it, is not possible to leave my websites at the time. It take me a lot of time before the idea began to come. I never stop I keep applying, before I know my account is disabled. However, according to the Google AdSense, teams  and conditions, have an average time that’s allowed to applied. But when you keep applying your account was in trouble, both of the website. To avoid you accounts from being block. Don’t attempt, applying more than five times. Is a good Idea to monetize your website with Google AdSense. And Avery body need that you know. Were conditions are available to earn better you wouldn’t like to miss. Since the time I try my idea, and it work for me. That’s why am here to attempt, to do my Best so that you can archive something. Now let look over the process. Is you Google account have credit card linked? If you do, have the threat going to be different. Because I know you care deeply about it. If you accounts have linked paymend, Google will add subscription to your account. And then the payment wouldn’t remove even you try to remove it. Because the subscription is like virus. However to fix such of this problem you may contact the google ads support, not AdSense support to remove the subscription. Then after that have successfully removed. Then the remaining work now remain for you. What to do is to make sure that’s the account, you no longer want to used it, that it would be closed. Now go to your payment profile look over the setting, and mouse over the setting and then you all need to scroll down and click delete payments profile. The new window will pup-up and follow the instruction of the screen to completely delete you’re payment profile. Note when your payment profile is completely deleted, wait for a couple weeks to applied. So that Google AdSense support term will notified about your changes

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