How long — does google search engine index my website

How to know whether Google console have crawl your website

Have you notified Google search engine about your site?                            If no, you need to submit your website to Google search engine. you want to know whether google spider have crawl your website? OK let  start. To know whether Google search engine have crawl your website you need to do these things. If your website is, and your website page URL is contact us to find out your page it’s on search engine, follow the instructions below. Do this on your  computer browser. Example then follow with the page name. example contact us or you can easily do this— contact example. Your website page would only show up if you have submitted your website on search engine. If you submit your website on search engine, the spider will be sure that he have crawl your pages, next to your post. If you’re using WordPress even you have submitted your website on search engine. Without setting your website, you’re wasting your time. The only option that can lead WordPress user to reach his goals is yoast plugin. Yoast plugin can help you to reach your goals when you have installed, it very easy to use. However yoast plugin have offer most of the seo just for free. But when is upgraded you increased it performance.


Things that yoast plugin offer

With yoast plugin plugin you can do all this things bellow.

Setup your keywords: yoast plugin will notified you when your keywords is not been set.

  1. Internal link: with yoast plugin can show you whenever you add link to your web page. whether internal link or outbong link.

2. Post title weight: the plugins would show you red when your page tittle is to long.

That’s all about yoast plugin.

How long does Google search engine crawl my website

It take about three weeks to four before Google will crawl your web page.

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