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search console ultimate guide on how to fixe error to your google search console property. If you’re facing amp pages error which we call 301 error which means you already have amp enabled and you later disabled it, that will automatically display 301 error to your amp pages. To avoid that you need to inform google that you made changes to your site, to that is simple you don’t have to be worried about it’s. Must especially if you’re using WordPress to manage your site you all need to setup a redirection to those amp pages we do love to guide you about but we are going to take a look whether  gsc is help you or not.

Google search console

Yes we are going to break out the benefit of using google search console for your online maketing, if you’re an online market you might need gsc for your business to move forward. We don’t said that” amp pages ” without gsc your online business will not move forward, moving it forward it’s depend on you, whether you are absolutely mistreating your audience which means they will never ever wanted to visit your brand on anyway  this situation you might need to keep your eye and your hear open to keep yraking their activities on your gsc or using google analystics. Have you ever used google analytics to track an even? If no and you want to track your visitors behavior you are slightly lucky that you have been dropped here you can learn about setting up your analytics as long as you want. If you have not set property for your brand yet you should consider setting one for your brand to success, have you ever brand without google search console get their contents index by google? Yes then you’re absolutely right and allowed to give it a try for your brand to success without setting any property to the brand.

amp pages

Full meaning its accelerate mobile pages that load your site content faster to your mobile visitors. But one thing you don’t know about accelerate mobile pages if your site content lot of JavaScript, accelerate mobile pages don’t display JavaScript such as ads if your using ads that don’t provide accelerate mobile pages solution then your amp pages will not display ads anymore.  You don’t have to hurry we all show you how to set up your google search console, and start using it to day. I hope you are absolutely getting what we’re making the noise about right? Don’t be fooled about your brand will success even without gsc  if your friend were told you that ward you should consider there is something new about that you friend anyway in our opinion we recommend you to use google search console not amp, accelerate mobile pages cost most of your hard work to display error in search engine. All thought you’re using accelerate mobile pages and you decided to stop using it and you don’t know how?  As far as your a website owner you need to disabled the accelerate mobile pages and set URL redirection to prevent your indexed accelerate mobile pages from display 301 error. Let dive on how to set up the redirects, using plugin is simple you just need to install and activate redirect plugin that was the plugin name. Once the plugin is installed and activated you all see on the screenshot below amp pages

Once you have set it as show’s in the screenshot below  then you’re good to test your redirected page by going, to google search your contents and include amp on the search query. Once your search have proceeded you all see google display your accelerate mobile pages then click on the link the link will automatically redirect your to the non accelerate mobile page that is its.

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