google speed test

google speed test ultimate guide to a beginners 2022

google speed test In time if your site speed did not function good you’re definitely losing traffic in other to get those traffic back to your site you need to improve your website speed, even though you can improve your site performance as soon as you wanted it to look like. However, some hosting provider have their own solution. As we publishers we need our own solution in case if you’re facing problem with your hoisting provider, some  hosting providers require you to pay for some tools to improve your site speed google speed test. The question here how much traffic you’re getting per day that you need to pay to improve you’re site performance. Even though maybe you’re just getting started and your site performance is down, the main problem it must be in your hosting provider you do not have the best performance sever. You need to analys your site to find out what was the problem. Before you get started finding the best resolution Google speed test is the must valuable tool that can help you figure out the problem and start working hard to improve your site performed performance.aomgoogle speed testmust problem comes from plugins if you’re not using the right plugin that coded to march off your site that will cost problem betwern your site script.

google speed test

Yes google have help us wwe publishers with their tuitective tools, that was the best tools I ever seen and I have used it for log time am still using it again. If you have analysis your site and you found what goes wrong then you need to quickly find solution to fix it. You don’t have to be worry anymore because we do love to share what work best for us, if you wish you can use it or not, if you’re using WordPress you shoily consider using jetpack plugin and activate their CDN but if you’re not interested in using jetpack their dozens of CDN you can choose to use, and the good things about those content delivery network must of them offer free plan to their user. That means you just need to create your account and activate their free plan risks. ” google speed test ” we highly recommend you to try using cloudflare

Content delivery network CDN

CDN means content delivery network with the help of these content delivery network help you to gain your site speed,  if you have have never heard about it or use it we highly recommend you to give it a try and see how your site speed got improved. content delivery network

Try using cloudflare CDN as it the best CDN for publishers the setup is very simple, what you need to do is to create your first account with cloudflare, note you must to contact them before you gain access to their free plan. Depends on your country some must to contact before they gain access to the free plan or to use content Delivery network. Once your account is ready you all need to add your domain there you all manage your domain such as updating or adding DNS. When you have successfully added your domain you all need to change your domain DNS to point it cloudflare DNS, and wait 24 hours for you DNS to updated. Once your DNS have updated you can check out your site speed. ” content delivery network ” you all see how your site content got to load , if you’re using CDN your images can fully load only when readers scrolled to it. Let keep the topic up to date google speed test you can start improving your site performance now what you need to do is visit cloudflare website and grasp your off right there. And start using content delivery network just for free no credit card details require to start using the free plan of cloudflare. What ever you choose you can do if you think you don’t wanted to use cloudflare then just install jetpack and active their CDN is  also good for WordPress user. ” google speed test “

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