About gmail

Today we’re going to explain gmail in more details with you and how to create one for your own use, you can also create mail for company or business. Keep in your mind you can only create gmail if you have laptop, desktop or android phone, to start the process of creating your gmail you don’t have to worry about it, we’re here for you with step by step tutorial. Creating your mail account is pretty easy as you already know is an unpaid platform, google provide the most of their platform just for free. To start the process of creating your mail Google require some details to get your account up running. If you already know what Google require from you, it will be better to start now with your mail. If you do you don’t know how and what google require from you feel free to continue reading our article. By now we’re going to dive in on how, and what Google require to get your mail up running.

What Google require to while creating a new mail

In other to continue with the process of getting your mail active, you need to perform this task to get your mail up running. Google require one account per person, make sure you have active phone number. To start visit Google now to start. Once you have phone number you’re good to go with your new mail. We all discover how to create a mail

How to create a mail

As far as possible if you’re a online business owner you most have a mail, at lest one mail for your business purpose. In other to continue with getting your mail done and active you need to visit google and start there keep I mind if you do have Google account that means you already have one mail

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