Facebook: how to unlock my url from — facebook

Since you’re probably looking for solution how to unlock your URL from Facebook that have been blocked due to the invalid activities. You’re in the right place to get help and retrieved your URL as soon as possible.

The process is divided in to three am going to explain it for you briefly and also let you achieve and again assist from retrieving your URL back.

As you all know Facebook is not the same with the other platform provider and is not easy to contact with Facebook user in other to get help.

Since Facebook they’re working had to see they bring new experience to their user. And to also make it pretty easy to their user to get assist.

I know you have try many things nothing work for you. Is that right? Keep in mind to day your problem is going to solve to day by this strategy tenebees i would all do the right tactical work to see you retrieve your URL back to his future.

I know how you’re filling that Facebook be able to allow you to share your experience to their platform. How ever Facebook have billions of user and 91% are active and is very important to improve your revenue by using the platform. Learn how to improve your revenue with social media

After you have done reading and comeback here let continue with this topic. However if your using WordPress Facebook have blocked WordPress user to share his content directly to their news feed. In other to achieve with facebook. We have share more than 5% guide to a WordPress user you can check it here for more information regargarded how to use Facebook ads.

As you all know I have no enough time but,  actually I have reached the tactical average length of the word is been allowed per content. But the down site of the content have more value for you.

Now the strategy is going to to explain how to retrieve your URL from Facebook that they have blocked

  1. Facebook debug:

We are going to show you how to use Facebook debug. But first of all what’s Facebook debug?  Let me explain it for you briefly so that you can understand. Facebook debug is a tools that help a developer’s to better understand their issues of the URL. Depends on your issue, some issues not been addressed there. But when ever you try it and it doesn’t work you’re free to try the other section. Here is the Facebook debug URL. test it if your URL doesn’t retrieve you can check the other option that’s available for you.

How to use Facebook debug

Here is the guide. In other to address your issue with Facebook you need to test your URL to the tool is named debug. When ever you have entered your URL then mouse over the submit button then if your URL have issues, another pop-up will appear telling you the issue but if you think that’s mistake do and let them know. Then mouse over the link, you will be taken to another place. What to do is to field the form then and submit. Wait at list one hour. If you will received an email. If you don’t receive any mail your URL is not unlock. Depends on your issue

2. Support forum

Go to Facebook.com/developer/forum

Then you all need to post your queries there and wait at list 2/4 business days then one of their professional specialist developer would respond you back within the two to four business days. Note when posting your queries don’t include your URL, if not Facebook will make it as Spam. You queries title must for example your post title you must include how to buy a big cat or how how to eat food. Use your brain to complete the section but I have explained for you. Now we are about end of the game. The downside is more profitable for you.

3. Facebook live chat

Have you ever heard about it? Great news you can easily contact Facebook live chat is now available. But did you know how I get this information? Is a secret between me and my readers so am going to share this with you. When ever you are ready for live chat you can contact them, at Facebook live chat and give me feed back.

I Wish You The Greater Day!!