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facebook business manager alternative guide for a beginners

Facebook audience insights

Are you planing to integrate Facebook business manager to your Facebook business page?  I think you don’t like to lost you’re more likely to play the must valuable games associated with the business manager, and we are here to help you out. Whether you’re planing to start your ecommance page or public figure, then pixel is the must creative and valuable future accross there. Do you want to learn how to setup your Facebook business manager just in minute?  Then you also have good chance to drop off the hit we all dive soon as we can.

how to setup fb BMG

Let start at the beginning, we don’t like to jump up some stage. we recommend you  to made sure you lay down your eyes read this once put your attention in the arbitrary text. Diving period, to create fbmg you need to visit the Facebook  BMG site make sure you’re loged in with right fb account so that we can proceeds with creating our new BMG if you don’t  own BMG Facebook will ask you to create new bmg, don’t hesitate, mouse over the create BMG button field out the required field then proceed it up. Facebook will now send you a confirmation code to confirm your email, as we basically know  you’re a newbie, the confirmation will not be terrible for you. Once your BMG is confirmed you will be redirected to your BMG dashboard, were you can complete the setup. As matter of fact all BMG need to be verified except if you don’t like to use developers future or access api.

Create pixel

To create a pixel as we normally colled it tracker you can create it as well as you want, using google tag manager, no its basically difficult. Let use WordPress is the must content management across the border. If your not familiar using WordPress then you might consider using a plugin. We are goin to use pixel my site plugin navigate to your plugin installation  dashboard search these text in the search box pixel my site you might need to install the plugins  read more