Corona virus news — pandemic confirm cases of the diseas

The disease you also know pandemic is real. The disease have killed million of people for different countries.

Protect your self and your community against covid-19 outbreak.


  • Avoid contact with other: don’t shake hand with your friends. In this case of corona virus named covid-19 outbreak is very dangerous for our health.
  • Avoid crowds and public gathering: made sure you’re maintaining your social distance.
  • Avoid touching your face: be sure that you didn’t touch your nose, mouth and your eye. Of course this disease can also be transmitted through hand — shake to avoid contacting with the disease wash your hand always with water and soap. Make sure the water you used been taken away.
  • Cough or sneeze into elbow: when ever you want to cough or sneeze, to prevent corona virus transmission cough into your elbow and quickly wash your hands with running water
  • Work at home if possible: you can do your work at home if possible. To prevent your self from pandemic let stay our homes and handle over our jobs.
  • Avoid doing nonessential travel: of course the season were we see our self from the start of 2019 till up to now is not relevant for us. Don’t leave home if you don’t have important issue.

Clearn shared surface frequently: to avoid the spread of the disease, we must control what we are doing in our houses. So that we can slow the spread of the disease.

By now scientists their working had to bring out some medicine to control the pandemic outbreak.

The researcher have tried. they are working had to control the pandemic outbreak. But still up to now no any information they have share. That’s the situation.

The confirmed cases of the disease.

Location [a] Cases [b] Death
World [e] 21,991,954 7
United States[f] 5,571,840 1
Brazil [g] 3,411,872 1
India 2,767,273
Russia[h] 937,321
South Africa 592,144South Africa 592,144
Peru 549,321
Mexico 531,239
Colombia 489,122
Chile[i] 388,855
Spain[j] 364,196
Iran 350,279
United Kingdom[k] 321,098
Argentina[l] 305,953
Saudi Arabia 302,686
Pakistan 290,442
Bangladesh 285,091
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