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Every year, two million people from 90 countries sit international exams through the British Council. Our globally recognised qualifications help students to attend the best universities, find amazing career opportunities and set themselves up for a more rewarding life.

Trusted by teachers, governments, employers and students, the British Council offers support and advice – and ensures the integrity of the exams system at every stage.

Whether you’re a student, parent or school exams co-ordinator, find the information you need below.

Please note: Cambridge International Examinations have changed their name. They are now known as Cambridge Assessment International Education or Cambridge International for short. Learn more

In this section

Why choose A- and AS-levels?

Completed your IGCSEs? A- and AS-levels are your next step to undergraduate university education. Find out more about the subjects offered, course structures and how to register.

How to register

Ready to register for a school exam? Find out how to sign up for IGCSEs, O Levels and A- and AS-levels with the British Council. We’ll guide you through the registration process.

How to prepare

From sharing access to the best study guides and resources to providing past papers, the British Council can give you the support you need to get the qualifications you deserve.

Your exam day

What happens on exam day? Find out more about your exam timetables and venues, and what to bring on the day to make sure that your exams go smoothly.

Your resultsYour results

Getting your results can be one of the most exciting days of your life. Find out when, where and how you will receive your international exam results from the British Council.

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