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Does Amazon Ship To South Africa?

If you live in South Africa and have tried to buy something from  amazon south africa Amazon, chances are you’ve run into some difficulties. The most common issue is that your item can’t be shipped to South Africa, but there are plenty of other problems that come up, too. amazon south africa

Fortunately, Amazon will ship just about any item to South Africa—as long as you know the right way to do it. Our 2-step strategy shows you exactly how to get just about any item on delivered to South Africa. amazon south africa

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Important Note: You should always do your shopping on’s USA site, because it offers a larger selection at much lower prices than other Amazon sites around the world.

Go there now.

Strategy #1: The Double Filter Method (Extremely Easy, 80-90% Success Rate)

Step 1: Visit Your New Amazon South Africa Homepage amazon south africa

Problem: You try to buy something on (the USA site) from South Africa, but when you reach the checkout page, you’re told that the item can’t be shipped to South Africa. amazon south africa

Solution: To avoid wasting your time with items that don’t ship outside of the USA, you need to start every future Amazon search from this page. It filters out the USA-only items that can’t be shipped to South Africa, so you’ll want to keep it handy!


Step 2: Set Up Your 1-Click Address

Problem: Even though you’ve filtered out the USA-only items, that doesn’t mean everything else can be shipped to South Africa. Government  amazon south africa regulations prevent certain items like special electronics from being imported directly from Amazon, so to only see items that can be shipped to South Africa, you need to set up a 1-click address.

Solution: Go to your Purchase Preferences, ensure you’re using your South Africa address as your default address, and enable 1-click ordering in your browser. If you aren’t set up like this, simply add your South Africa address and set it as your default address. You never need to actually use the 1-click ordering feature, but you do need to have it enabled here so that Amazon will only show you items that ship to South Africa.

The photo below shows what this looks like. And once you’ve got that set up, you can shop on Amazon as much as you’d like!

Amazon 1-click address
Set up your default address with 1-click ordering functionality to see which items can be shipped to you.

What If Strategy #1 Doesn’t Work For Me?

This method of using Amazon’s amazon south africa international page only works for about 80-90% of Amazon items, but don’t worry. If you can’t get the item you want shipped to you using this method, that’s why we have Strategy #2: package forwarding.


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Strategy #2: The Package Forwarder (Fairly Easy, 100% Success Rate)

There are some items that Amazon won’t ship to us here, most notably their own Kindles and other electronic devices.

Still, there is a workaround that you can use to get these items to you internationally, which is using a third-party package forwarder. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Sign Up With A Package Forwarder

First, you’ll need to open an account with a package forwarder, who will accept your Amazon purchases at their warehouse in the USA and forward them on to you. We’ve tested nearly a dozen different package forwarders over the past several years, and have come to the conclusion that Planet Express is the best package forwarder for most people. Here are a few reasons why we recommend Planet Express so highly:

  • Proven Service: Planet Express did an outstanding job with all of the orders we placed with them, and communicated the shipment status of our orders frequently throughout the entire process
  • Satisfied Customers: Planet Express has excellent customer reviews all across the web amazon south africa
  • Fast Shipments: Planet Express ships your packages out within hours of you requesting it, minimizing the overall shipping time and getting your packages to you faster
  • High Level of Care: Planet Express takes great care of your packages to ensure they arrive without any damage
  • Tax-Free: Planet Express has multiple warehouses across the United States, including a tax-free warehouse in Oregon to keep the costs you pay to an absolute minimum

Extra Savings: Planet Express will repack and consolidate your shipments into a single box to save you even more on shipping costs

  • Free Storage: You can store your packages at Planet Express’ USA warehouse for up to 10 days for free
  • The Industry’s Lowest Rates: Planet Express offers the lowest average rates of any of the package forwarders we tested

To get a shipping quote on a specific item, use Planet Express’ Shipping Cost Calculator here. To learn more, read our in-depth Planet Express review.


Step 2: Purchase Your Item

As soon as you sign up for Planet Express, you’ll receive a unique shipping address to send your packages to. This unique address ensures that your packages don’t get mixed up with anyone else’s, and it also enables Planet Express to send you notifications (with photos) within minutes of when your packages arrive at their warehouse.

So just buy your item and have it shipped to your Planet Express unique address—it’s that simple.

Step 3: Forward Your Item

Once your package arrives at the Planet Express warehouse in the USA, you have two decisions to make:

  1. Speed: Standard shipping, priority shipping, etc. Planet Express offers quite a few different shipping options, each with a different speed and associated cost. In my experience, there’s always been at least one shipping option that suits my needs. I normally opt for the slower, cheaper shipping, since I don’t need the items I’m buying urgently, but they also offer plenty of express deliveries with trusted brands like FedEx and DHL.

Insurance: Do you want additional insurance on your shipment? I normally don’t get the extra insurance, since Planet Express is already sending my items with reputable shipping agencies, but if you’re buying something high-value like an iPhone X, you may want to add on some extra insurance as well.

Once you’ve made your Speed and Insurance selections, it’s time to ship! Most of the shipments I made with Planet Express cost around $7-12 USD, but this will vary depending on the size and weight of the item, of course. For more information on shipping rates, taxes/duties, and everything else

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